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Corrugated roof sheets with an iron profile have been used for over a century in the UK.

Even today these sheets have a traditional 3 inch / 76mm corrugation which effectively provides 3ft, and 3 inches and 990mm of covering.

These sheets are available in both 0.7 and 0.5mm thickness and with various finishes such as PVC plastisol, paint, polyester, galvanized and Dripstop etc.

All of these finishes add a certain structural and protective quality to the sheet that helps extend its life.

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Chosing the right finishing will mainly depend on its intended use and the area in which it is going to be used.

If you're not sure what sheet is right for your home or office then consulting with a contractor would be a good idea.

There are numerous uses of corrugated roofing in the UK which includes domestic roofing, commercial roofing, industrial, cladding, and agricultural roofing.

These sheets can also be used as cladding and single skin sheeting, to either over clad or build part of the insulated system.

Corrugated Sheets Galvanized

Our corrugated galvanized roof sheets have a standard 3" British standard pitch with a 3/4" depth profile.

The sheet has a cover width of exactly 990mm. These sheets have been galvanized for added durability, allowing it to last longer as compared to other non-galvanized roofing sheets.

Corrugated Sheets Polyester

Corrugated polyester roofing sheet following the 3" British standard pitch and a 3/4" depth. These sheets have effective width coverage of 990mm which is perfect for most traditional uses. In addition they are the same as their galvanized, painted, and plastic coated counterparts except for their polyester coating that helps the sheet withstand harsh weather.

Corrugated Sheets Plastic Coated

Our plastic coated corrugated sheets are British standard type 3" pitch and have a 3/4" profile depth. It provides effective cover width of around 990mm.

These sheets are available in polyester, galvanized and painted in addition to plastic coated types.

The plastic coating on these sheets helps to extend the life of these sheets by shielding it from excessive moisture penetration that causes rust and corrosion resulting in its quick demise.

General specifications of corrugated sheets

  • External Finishes: Galvanised, Polyester paint, PVC Plastisol
  • Weight: 0.7mm thickness sheets weigh 6.22Kg/m2, and 0.5mm thickness sheets weigh 4.78kg/m2
  • Internal finishes: Galvanised or Grey Polyester
  • Applications: Wall (Vertical), Roof (Horizontal)
  • Maximum length: 8000mm
  • Gauge Thickness available: 0.7mm and 0.5mm
  • Minimum pitch is 10 degrees
  • External Face: 13 profiles each of 3 inches when they are lapped. 18mm height profile, and 76mm pitch. Also Corrugated 13/3 type profile.

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